Pool Party Packages

Want to get together with your friends and have a big swim party? Great way to celebrate a dog's birthday, or just to have FUN!

Packages include:

1) Unlimited dogs

2) Up to 2 adults are allowed in the pool at any given time

3) There is NO lifeguard on duty

4) You may bring in any food/beverages/party favors

5) If a dog attends that has not completed the SwimDog Orientation/Swim Test -- staff will complete this for an additional charge of $25 during the swim time.

One Hour Package -- $75

Two Hour Package -- $150

You must call to book a reservation -- 920-358-7230. We will try to accomodate requested times that are outside of our usual business hours. 

Orientation/Swim Test

This is the first appointment, and all dogs are required to complete an orientation as their first swim. During this session, we go over pool rules, procedures, dog health history, any water history and then evaluate swim skills. A standard 35-minute appointment is for 1-2 family dogs only. If you have 3-4 dogs, we offer a 45-minute orientation session.

At this appointment, we will evaluate their swim skills and clear your dog for free, owner-assisted, or staff-assisted swims. 

Free Swim

Free swims are available in 35-minute, 45-minute, and 60-minute sessions. Free swims are for dogs who willingly go in and out with no assistance, often fetching or retrieving toys. These are offered in both 1-2 dog, and 3-4 dog sessions. 

Free Swim services can be used for:
  • Fitness
  • Burning off energy
  • Dock dog practice
  • Having just plain fun in the water!​​

Swim Services

Owner-Assisted Swim

These sessions allow the owner to get in the water with their dog. This is for dogs that need a little extra coaxing to enter the water, dogs with injuries, or owners who just want to play in the water with their dog.

Rules are as follows:
  • We allow up to 2 adults (over the age of 18) in the pool for a swim
  • Person in the pool MUST wear clean shoes (either water shoes or sandals). The bottom of the pool is slippery, which is why you see staff wearing shoes in the pool
  • You may wear whatever is clean and comfortable into the pool
  • Absolutely no float devices (inner tubes, air mattresses, etc.) are allowed in the pool
  • SwimDog does not provide adult life vests, you must bring your own if you would like one
  • No lifeguard will be on duty

Staff-assisted swim

Staff-Assisted Swim is available in 30-minute and 45-minute appointments. During the Swim Test if the dog needs assistance getting in/out of the pool or may need help swimming then they are eligible for Staff-Assisted Swim. 1 to 2 dogs are allowed for an Assisted Swim session.

Staff-Assisted Swim services can be used for:
  • Building confidence
  • Swim Lessons -- puppy and adult dogs
  • Dogs with mobility issues
  • Dogs recovering from surgery/injury​​​

Assisted Swim

Free Swim