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Canine Light Therapy

Disclaimer:  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  This product should never be used in place of veterinary care.  Those seeking treatment for a specific concern should consult a qualified veterinarian before using this product.

Now you can have the same powerful healing energy of a laser at a fraction of the cost.
For years, Equine Light Therapy® and Canine Light Therapy™ have been helping animals stay stronger for competition and recover faster by putting the power of healing in a simple, easy to use tool for everyday treatment.

 LED light therapy is really a way to help the body heal itself. The lights have specific wavelengths that are absorbed by a photo acceptor, cytochrome c oxidase within the mitochondria of the cell. The energy (photons) from the lights increases the energy within the cell and that speeds up the healing process. The lights must be specific wavelengths and must be delivered at a specific dosage. Using both red and infrared lights is beneficial because the wavelengths are absorbed by different depths of tissue.

This Canine Light Therapy Pad uses two specific wavelengths that research has shown to dramatically increase the rate of healing. The two wavelengths are in the visible red and near infrared spectrums. The visible red is effective for stimulating acupuncture points, releasing trigger points, treating wounds and infections. The infrared wavelength (not visible), which penetrates deeper, has been shown to be effective in helping heal soft tissue injuries, joints and muscles.


Some of the benefits may include;

Increased circulation by the formation of new capillaries
Significant increases in wound healing with less formation of scar tissue
Reduction in edema
Helps reduce inflammation which helps reduce pain
Helps increase range of motion
Helps improve immune cell production
Relaxation of muscles
Stimulation of collagen production
Relief of minor aches and pains
Increases RNA and DNA synthesis
Stimulation of trigger and acupuncture points

For testimonials, go to http://equinelighttherapy.com/stories-from-our-clients/

Recommended treatment frequency:

For acute injury or wound we recommend a progressive plan:

First week - 3 treatments

Second week - 2 treatments

Third week - 1 treatment

Continue weekly as needed.

For chronic conditions

First week - 2 treatments

Second-fourth week - 1 treatment per week

Continue as needed. 

Treatment to one area takes 15 minutes.

 15 minute session - $20

30 minute session (2 treatment areas) - $30

$5.00 for each additional area

Package Specials

30 minute massage with Light Therapy - $45

60 minute massage with Light Therapy - $60

Combine 15 minute Light Therapy with any swim - $15 plus swim cost

Note:  Light Therapy MUST be done before the swim - it cannot be used on wet dogs.

Buy 6 sessions, get 1 Free!

15 minute sessions - $100

30 minute sessions - $150

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